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prendas de exelente calidad, al alcanse de tu bolsillo.

Do all HTML tags come in a pair?

No, there are single HTML tags that do not need a closing tag. Examples are the <img> tag and <br> tags.

What are some of the common lists that can be used when designing a page?

You can insert any or a combination of the following list types:
– ordered list
– unordered list
– definition list
– menu list
– directory list
Each of this list types makes use of a different tag set to compose

How do you create links to sections within the same page?

Links can be created using the <a> tag, with referencing through the use of the number (#) symbol. For example, you can have one line as <a href=”#topmost”>BACK TO TOP</a>, which would result in the words “BACK TO TOP” appearing on the webpage and links to a bookmark named topmost. You then create a separate tag command like <a name=”topmost”> somewhere on the top of the same webpage so that the user will be linked to that spot when he clicked on “BACK TO TOP”.


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